The crossroads of history

The history of Derby told by Richard Felix, a must for anyone from Derby or Derbyshire.
Includes 53 Derby Superstars of history.

About The Book

The purpose of this book is hopefully for it to be a mini guide to the rich heritage and history of the City of Derby which after reading will inspire and educate its people and then the rest of the world.
Not many cities can claim two thousand years of history, let alone have one as diverse and interesting as ours. We have all the ingredients to attract visitors into our city and yet for some reason we tend to keep it under our hat. With our location as the most central city in Great Britain, Derby is such an easy place to reach. Not only should we be a major tourist centre but also a major conference centre. Everyone passes through our city on their way to somewhere else. They don’t stop because they don’t think there is anything worth seeing.

“And indeed it is the truth Sir,
I Never was known to lie,
And if you go down to Darby sir,
You’ll see the same as I.”

What’s inside


Derby's History

From Vikings to the Romans


Derby's Location

Why we are in the best location in the world


The Derby Ram

Learn about our famous mascot Private Derby the Ram


Derby's Industry

From Water-wheels to the Airplane Engine


Derby's Superstars

The superstars of Derby’s that originated or came to Derby and made history

We Need to Teach the kids local history

Derby Superstars of History


We don’t teach local history in school! 

About the author.

Richard Felix was born in Derby and spent 30 years selling records in the Family business in Derby Market.
He was commissioned into the 3rd Battalion Worcester and Sherwood foresters.
President of Derby Chamber of trade in its centenary year. Chairman of Derby Tourism Association. Founder of Derby Tourism Network. Founder of Derby Heritage Development Trust. Derby Heritage Centre and Derby Gaol.
Member of the Derby Club and self-styled Mr Derby.
He has devoted the last forty years trying to promote the city of Derby through its incredible history and heritage and trying to educate not only Derby Folk but Derby Children so that one day the will preserve and tell the story of the City that lies at The Crossroads of History.

Richard Felix