Immerse yourselves in the condemned cell of Derby’s most haunted building. Can you follow the clues and gain your freedom unlike so many before you.

You have only 60 minutes to escape before facing incarceration or worse.



What is an escape room? – An escape room is an immersive, real-life adventure game in which players find clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to accomplish a specific goal. Your goal is to Escape Derby Gaol.

What should I wear? – Casual, comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended. Floors may be uneven in parts so high heels are definitely a no-no. If you use reading glasses then it may be worth bringing them with you.

How many people can play at one time? – We recommended four players per team, less than that may prove difficult because of the complexity of the room and five may be a little cramped.

Will we be mixed with another team or other people while playing? – No, the booking is for your team and your team alone.

Is physical strength needed to play? – None at all, only your puzzle solving skills are required.
Derby Gaol is reputed to be haunted, is the room scary? – We have tried to create as immersive an experience as possible although the room itself is not particularly scary. There are no live actors in the room with you when you play.

(Disclaimer – any input or interference by previous occupants of the gaol and its cells are beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for this…!)

How long do we have to escape and what do we do if we get stuck on a puzzle? – You have 60 minutes to escape. Your game masters/moderators will be monitoring your progress at all times. Hints can be discussed with your team before you begin.

Do I need to book a time slot or can I just turn up? – Only online bookings are accepted for Escape Derby Gaol, we cannot accommodate arrivals on the day.

What if we’re late or need to cancel? – If you feel that you’re going to be late please contact us on {insert phone number} and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. However, this may mean less time in the room itself. #

We do not offer a refund policy for cancellations but we may be able to arrange an alternative session providing we can fill your original booking.

Do you offer disabled access? – At present we are unable to offer this.

Are there toilets? – Yes there are, it might be a good idea to use them before you play if you have a nervous disposition!

Do I need any prior knowledge of the gaol beforehand? – No prior knowledge of the gaol, events or prior occupants is

Can I take my mobile phone in with me? – Sorry, that’s a no, as you can appreciate we do not allow any recording or photography inside the room.

What about refreshments/alcohol? – Please do not bring these with you for consuming while you are with us. Anyone that
is deemed under the influence of alcohol will be not be able to participate and will be asked to vacate the premises. Leave this until afterwards, you may need it.

When/where should I arrive? – please arrive around 5-10 minutes before your booking but no earlier. Access is gained to the rear of the Gaol on Agard Street (there is no access from Friar Gate). The postcode for Agard Street is DE1 1DZ.

Are there any age restrictions? – The room is recommended for players of twelve years and over. Anyone under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult who must remain on site even if they are not participating in the session.

Where should I park? – There are fee paying car parks on Ford Street, Stafford Street, Brook Street and Willow Row, please check method of payment/availability and location before you travel as details may change.